What information can I find on Stage?


The digital foyer immediately shows the user which Stage he is currently on. Individual profile & title pictures and a short description text are available. In addition, direct contact options such as telephone, e-mail and Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp are linked here, as well as a QR code for easy sharing of the Stage person to person. The customizable link lists in the foyer redirects to further content (e.g. waste calendar, current Corona guidelines) that can be found on the municipal website or other official sources.


In Stage Newsdesk, citizens can see all posts from the social media of a public institution without having an account at these external platforms. The content displayed here is always in chronological order, without advertising and only from one entity. This allows citizens to be aware of all current activities at any given time without revealing their data. Every post displayed on the Stage Newsdesk contains a link to the original post on the corresponding social media platform.

How do I install Stage on my smartphone?

Stage is a Progressive Web App (PWA) and therefore available without download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and without creating an account. Stage can be added as a bookmark to the home screen without taking up local storage capacity. As a result, Stage behaves like a standard app in its appearance, but does not have its disadvantages. The following steps show how easy it is for Apple and Android users to add Stage to their smartphone.

Stage for iPhone

Step 1: Scan QR code or enter URL in browser.

Step 2: Search "Add to Homescreen".

Step 3: Create a shortcut to the Home screen.

Step 4: Stage is now available on the Home screen.

Stage for Android

Step 1: Scan QR code or enter URL in browser.

Step 2: Search "Add to Homescreen".

Step 3: Create a shortcut to the Home screen.

Step 4: Stage is now available on the Home screen.

Stage for Desktop

To guarantee uncompromising accessibility and reach citizens via any communication channel, Stage is optimized not only for mobile view but also for desktop. The user simply has to enter the corresponding URL ('stage.' + domain of the official website of the institution) in the browser and gets directly to the desired stage.

What kind of accounts and how many accounts can I connect to Stage?

At the moment, we offer interfaces to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and RSS for Stage. In the future, we would like to offer interfaces to other new platforms and increase Stage's relevance. Are there platforms that are important for you in communicating with your citizens? Tell us about them and we'll find a technical solution to map all your content on your Stage.

The number of accounts that can be connected to an individual Stage instance is, in theory, infinite. For example, if an institution operates several official Instagram accounts (e.g., one for the city administration, one for tourism, and one for the mayor), all of them can be connected to the Stage newsdesk. Our system clearly identifies which account the corresponding content comes from and tags it so that it can be clearly distinguished by the user. This makes Stage the go-to place for ALL of an entity's current information.

What is a Newsdesk filter, and how do I use it?

In order to communicate your information more efficiently, you can set up keyword filters on your Stage. Once you have predefined a filter using the dashboard, users can click on them to sort the posts they see in your Newsdesk..

Do I have to enter content into Stage myself every time?

Optimally, we will setup your Stage Foyer once according to your ideas and it will never need to be updated again. If you do wish to make a change (e.g. a new link list or profile picture) you can do so in the Stage administrative Interface.
The news from the platforms that have been linked to your Stage are downloaded fully automatically to our German servers at two to five minute intervals and reflected in the Stage Newsdesk. Stage thus runs continuously in the background without any additional administrative effort. If a new platform is created on which you would like to publish content, you can simply connect it via the administration interface.

Does content appear twice on my Newsdesk if I post the same content on Facebook & Instagram?

In general, it is best practice to not post the same content on both platforms. Instagram is more focused on visual aesthetic, Facebook is more text & information focused. If you decide to post the same content on both platforms we will automatically link both posts as one entry in your Newsdesk. Please keep in mind that our system can only link identical posts if the text is 100% the same. If the text is different in any way (hashtags only on Instagram, more text on Facebook, a difference in newlines, etc.), our system will not be able to link and display these posts as one entry on Stage.
If you decide to post the same content on both platforms please use the native function on Facebook or Instagram to do this. We advise against publishing identical posts using copy & paste, as this will most likely introduce small changes in whitespace or newline characters which will break the ‘double post’ detection logic. As soon as the identical double post has been published and Stage has linked both posts, you can edit the text on the corresponding platform afterwards (e.g. insert hashtags on Instagram). The link on Stage will remain..

Double post on Stage
Tap the switch button on the upper right corner of the post to change between Facebook & Instagram content.