Data sovereignty made in Germany

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Data sovereignty made in Germany

Government and politics are losing power over data

Government and politics are losing more and more power over public data. This became clear in the headlines of the last days and weeks, which show us how easily tech giants from the USA can influence and even censor public discourse. Based on non-transparent and revenue-driven corporate decisions, individuals have been robbed of their private communication channels without the presentation of a court order. It is still unclear how the balance of power in society will evolve as large companies like Twitter, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Google and Co. continue to gain political influence.<br> Already, tech giants have de facto control over the data of billions of people around the world. The fact that the privacy of German citizens are suffering as a result has long been no secret. However, politics fails when it comes to restoring the balance of power in its own country. We have made it our mission to return decisions about the sovereignty of one's own data, as well as the security standards for processing personal data, back into the hands of the legislators of the respective countries. Our solution is called Stage.

Privacy-compliant communication standard made in Germany

Stage solves a number of privacy issues for public institutions that actively provide content on social media and do not want to expose citizens' personal data to data-collecting tech giants like Facebook & Twitter. Our user-friendly platform allows your users to read posts from your official accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram without installing an app or having their own account on the respective social media platforms. On Stage, you can additionally integrate your website's RSS feeds, which makes our platform the ideal place to go for all current and official information. Stage puts data security first in digital communication and is 100% DSGVO compliant. Stage - the secure solution on the web for municipalities, public entities and anyone who wants to get information easily and securely online.

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The team behind Stage

The five-headed team of Jaimo Solutions GmbH are the creative minds behind Stage. Founded and based in Bad Sch├Ânborn, Baden-W├╝rttemberg, Jaimo has been creating the digital image of companies, public institutions and sports clubs as a full-service agency since 2018. As a rebellion against the in-transparency in the handling of personal data and the resulting restrictions in the digital communication of public bodies, the team launched their solution Stage in mid-2020.

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